Steps to configure Nagiosgraph with Nagios Core

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Steps to configure Nagiosgraph with Nagios Core


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11 Responses to Steps to configure Nagiosgraph with Nagios Core

  1. vinz says:

    hi getting an error, when i click the graph: JavaScript is disabled.
    nagiosgraph.js is not installed or wrong version.

    • tapasmishra says:

      Hi Vinz,

      Can you please check whether the nagiosgraph.js file is located at
      /usr/local/nagiosgraph/share/nagiosgraph.js or not.
      If not then try again with ./ --install command.

  2. William Fenstermaker says:

    Thank you, great tutorial. I did spend about 1/2 hour trying to figure out why nothing was going into the rrd directory. I had to turn on nagios verbosity and set the debug level to figure it out.

    In Step 6 you have:


    and in Step 8 you have:

    define command {
    command_name process-service-perfdata-for-nagiosgraph
    command_line /usr/local/nagiosgraph/bin/

    Note the small typo in Step 6 missing the “-” between perfdata and for. Updating that will hopefully save someone else some time (if they don’t bother looking at the comments here).

    Again. Great tutorial. Works pretty much verbatim.

    • tapasmishra says:

      Thanks William.
      I have Modified the Post.
      Thanks again for the good catch.

  3. lionel says:

    thank you, i have also fixed that but now i have another problem, i get an empty graph with only x and y values, i followed excatly your steps. would you please help me with that…

    • tapasmishra says:

      Sorry Lionel, for the late response. Strangely you comment was in the spam folder. Do you still have the problem?

  4. lionel says:

    this line when defining a service on a templet gives me error ‘ice=$SERVICEDESC$’
    and i dont know what it means
    Error: Invalid service object directive ‘ice=$SERVICEDESC$’

    • tapasmishra says:

      Thanks for bringing this error to my notice.
      You got the error due to an extra separate line “ice=$SERVICEDESC$”.
      I have already revised my post.

      • lionel says:

        great worked, thanks man

      • tapasmishra says:

        Nice to hear that it worked for you. Thanks for visiting the site.

  5. JamesN903 says:

    Reblogged this on 14 Emerton.

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